Addressing 2013’s Greatest Unanswered Question

Robin Thicke asked a very important — and yet-unanswered — question in his 2013 hit single, Blurred Lines: What rhymes with hug me? (Sandwiched by six ‘heys’.)

As I have been going through my mental review of 2013, I realized no one has satisfactorily answered that question. In an attempt to get the brain juices flowing, below I’ve listed several things that one could argue rhyme with “hug me,” paired with visual cues:

Bug me:


Lug me:


Chug me:


Jug me:


Mug me:


Pug me:


Tug me:


Cast your vote to help solve Robin’s unfortunate uncertainty. Err’body get up!


3 thoughts on “Addressing 2013’s Greatest Unanswered Question

  1. Kaitlyn Winn says:

    Oh my goodness I am SO happy to see another post up here! I have kept this bookmarked JUST IN CASE!! Now to the question at hand… I really like chug me, but I fear it may be too sexual even for Mr. Thicke. Tug and jug also have the same problem. I will have to cast my vote for pug me, just because I would really like to see how he manages to make that sexual. The end.

  2. Marc says:

    Pug me deffinetly, I love the pics!

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