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C is for Country Livin’ (There’s No Place Like Home!)

I recently spent a wonderful long weekend in Lancaster County, where I grew up. As much as I LOVE Chicago and love city livin’ it’s always pretty great to go back to my roots, as it were, and do the country thang.

Upon writing that sentence, I feel like I’m implying  I grew up on a farm, or out in the middle of nowhere… that’s not quite true, but my house IS surrounded by cornfields, more or less, and I walk around barefoot a lot when I’m home. So there’s that.

The biggest perk of going home (besides the obvious of being reunited with my family) is having a swimming pool. I’d like to attribute that solely to the fact that I like swimming (I really do.. it’s the one medium where I actually feel graceful, ish, plus doing laps is a lot easier on the ol’ joints than running the streets of Chi-town), but the truth of the matter is, it’s a lot less awkward to sunbathe poolside at a private residence than in a tiny 20×40 patch of grass behind your apartment building. Just saying.

I got home (PA-home) on Thursday evening, after a ridiculously stressful airport experience. Let me paint a picture  of my journey home: 4 airports (Chicago-Midway; Detroit; Baltimore; Lancaster); 2 airlines; nearly 10 hours of travel from start to finish; 1 delayed flight for a 2 hour delay; leaving me with just 30 minutes to get off plane, retrieve baggage from baggage claim; re-check said baggage; re-go through security; board next flight; 0 remaining flights to Lancaster. It’s a long story, how I tell it (and believe me I have been telling it to anyone who would listen..) but really the only necessary information is that 1) I walked around BWI crying for a sustained period of time 2) my dad did the dad thing, called the airline I was transferring to, and told them in no uncertain terms that they WOULD, in fact, hold the flight for me and 3) I totes got escorted to the front of the line for security and had a whole bunch of people give me the stank eye. Whatevs, folks. Ce-le-bri-tay comin’ through!

What matters is, I got home, and got to spend some quality time with the bros–all of them. My older brother has finally gotten over the stigma of hanging out with his little sister (I’m beineg inaccurate.. he got over it as soon as I turned 21, for some strange reason.. ha) and I got to party in the 717 a couple nights. Observation: I do NOT get creeped on when I go out with my 6’2″ brother and his [also tall] friend.  

I also got to see my two remaining PA friends (woo!), go craaaazyyy on TWO occasions at the mall (hooray for no sales tax on clothing! I’m stocked up for the summer), make a Rita’s trip (tradition!), go to the Mojo (tradition!), and get a few more freckles (word).

Speaking of freckles… My dad and two brothers went with me to the airport on Monday, and thanks to thinking my flight was at 2:26 (it was actually at 2:56), I had some time to burn and they kindly stuck around. Brother #4 was standing next to me in front of a window and I looked at his face, close up, and saw a dusting of tiny little freckles across his nose and upper cheeks. (adorbs.) It really excited me, because up until now, I’m pretty much the only kid in my family with freckles, at least that I know of.

At any rate, the topic of freckles came up,… I’ve always thought that my freckles, along with my reddish hair, overall fair skin, and greenish eyes came from a small amount of Irish blood on my mom’s side of the family, even though I can’t think of anyone else on my mom’s side with freckles. As it turns out, my dad says that I have the same coloring as my great-grandmother on his side – who’s Sicilian! I guess she had fairer skin and freckles too, which I would never have guessed (and had never been able to tell) because I obviously didn’t know her until she was old I’ve only seen pictures of her in her old age.

I take after my mom a LOT, and people always say I look just like her. My mom’s a stunner, so that’s definitely a compliment, but I’ve always been a little sad that I didn’t have any exotic Sicilian traits.. well, my freckles may not be exotic, but apparently they are Sicilian! 😉

Moving on from frecks, I made it back into Chicago uneventfully and in MUCH less time, and as always… it’s good to be back. I love going “home” to PA, but for now, at least, C, in my book, is ultimately for Chicago.

P.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare tomorrow! Exciting!


C is for Confessions of a Shopaholic

I’ve been shamefully negligent in keeping up with this blog, but I feel it is time to get back to my roots. Specifically, things that start with a ‘C.’

First up: Clothing. I’ve been shopping quite a bit the past few weekends under the guise of getting ready for a business conference. Trying to get more adult-y clothing, and all that. Hence:

My first blazer

A splash of [my favorite] color

A proper pencil skirt

Aaaand, lastly, my first two pairs of grown-up heels! (AKA, not meant for clubbing/parties.)

I also may or may not have also indulged myself in a dress and a cute ruffly top… At any rate, I’m pretty much all set. Just get me to Florida!